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Rebel Hogwarts

An AU Harry Potter RPG

Rebel Hogwarts ELITE RPG
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Administration Community with official announcements for the REBEL HOGWARTS Harry Potter RPG.

This is an elite Harry Potter Role Play.

NOT ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE APPROVED. Sorry, you can take your sucky characters elsewhere.

The Application for a New Character Is Here.

A List of open character positions may be found here.

A List of Current Students/Characters can be found here

The Rules


1. Please be courteous out of character. Honestly. It's a role playing game. We're here to have fun. And none of that sugar-coated cyanide bullshit either. I invented that bullshit. Just realize these are your mates and we're all here to have a good time.

2. All role-plays MUST take place in the correct community.

3. All role-play entries must be date/time/week stamped in this format:

Time/Date: Tuesday, September 12th, early evening
Week: 1
Open To: Anyone

<*lj-cut text="Daciana sat at the table…"><*lj-cut>

*insert RPing paragraph behind this lj-cut* <*/lj-cut>

NOTE: Just remove the *s or see the LJ FAQ to learn how to do a proper lj-cut.

NOTE II: Regarding the "Week" portion of the heading for each post. Each Monday is essentialy a "week change". During that week, all days of the week (Monday-Sunday) may be played during that week of role-play. (i.e. On OOC Monday you can play IC Friday if you so choose. You must specify the week number in the heading). One week OOC = 1 week IC. The week number will be given on the Monday of "week change".

NOTE III: You may only have your character make ONE IC post per one IC day. Another post only may be made if the previous post for that IC day has been finished and closed. Your character CAN participate in multiple threads at the same time during play, as long as they don't contradict eachother by IC time.

4. All role-plays MUST specify who may join outside of the livejournal cut. If they're open to all characters, you must specify open-ended.

5. All role-play posts MUST be behind a livejournal cut, with the information OUTSIDE the cut. For a format example please go here

6. Do not assume another characters reaction, or do not puppet their character. With another players permission, you may write their reacton into the thread. Each player controls his or her own player ONLY. Please be mindful of this rule especially.

7. Your character may be in more than one active thread at a time. For example, if it is Wednesday morning and you are at breakfast, you may also play Wednesday afternoon, in the dormitory. However, you may NOT start both threads. You may only join another's thread after you have already begun one.

8. Your character MUST act in a way that is IN CHARACTER. If you put on your application that your character is shy, they may not suddenly come out of their shell. You were approved to be shy and shy you will be. Please make your character choices very carefully, and keep this in mind. The reason for this rule is that we intend to have a game of diverse and interesting characters. We cannot all go boldly charging off into the sunset, chasing down bad guys, or lighting the common room on fire. If too many characters of one type exist, we'll simply point that out in an application denial.

9. Respect and follow a posting order. Turns may be skipped if people decide OOC to switch things around to get better flow.

10. All OOC posts are to made in the OOC community. No OOC notes may be placed in role-play threads as it looks hideous and unprofessional.

11. In character vs. Out of Character knowledge. Your character may not know things unless:
A. They were there (which means part of the RP post)
B. They were directly told (in game play or via the personal journals)
C. The event was very public and distracting (ie: someone aflame in the great hall)

12. No attacks/major incidents without moderator approval.
A. Sara may be reached via email at sweetwingsfan25[at]aol[dot]com and on AIM: sweetwingsfan25
B. Lina may be reached via email at echochaser18[at]hotmail[dot]com and on AIM: echochaser18
C. Becca may be reached via email at take.the.mickey[at]gmail[dot]com and on AIM: yayitsrebecca
D. Aussie may be reached via email at aurora_borialis[at]livejournal.com and on AIM: hugApomplemoose

13. Character play-bys/Body Models: Your body model must be claimed and you cannot use a model who is already in use. Additionally, you may not use a 30 year old to play a 15 year old, or vise versa. While we all want to be beautiful people (that's fine, most celebrities are attractive), please do not use any of the following as body models: Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears or any other well-known, generally accepted GORGEOUS celebrity. Your body model must be on your application.

14. All role-plays must be done in third person novel form and PAST TENSE. Things just get messy when someone says, "Rowan walks into the common room" and another says, "O'Neill farted, loudly." Yeah, that's silly.

15. Try to be canon. There isn't a lot to work with, since we're ALL OC's, however, your character MUST act as the house they are placed in. Your character must attend classes. Your character must obey most of the rules OR be punished for the rules they break.

16. Some characters will be mod-played. The Headmaster and the Villainess will be mod played. The mods will have a story line in mind. We'll be playing out the school year where certain activities will take place.

17. The war will be going on, and you will hear about it often... HOWEVER as I said, all attacks must have mod approval. This means no one's dearest families will be killed off unless a mod decides it. You may volunteer for it, but if you try to make your character the saddest little Sue ever, the mods will mock you as you deserve.

18. There are slots for FIVE students in each house, per year, per gender. To use a canon example, the five Gryffindor boys in Harry's year are Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean. If any of that was news to you, btw, find another RPG.

19. This RPG is same sex relationship friendly on a PER CHARACTER basis. That is why there is a slot for "sexuality" in the application. Too many gay boys will not be tolerated. It is not canon and not practical.

20. You must have a personal journal for your character. In the "user info" you must keep a full profile of your character, including, but certainly not limited to, the fields you filled out on the application. (Well, you need to not put in the things about you, or the sample RP)

The Character Voting Approval Community: rebel_charvote. OPEN TO MODS AND VOTING STAFF ONLY!

All Members Must Join ALL Communities. Seriously. No "I didn't read that I had better things to do stuff." You read it all. You know your game.
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We only have one, the sorting community hogwarts_magick. RH members can be sorted there, OOC, and hogwarts_magick members can come here and join our RPG for house points. Remember that membership in both is a way to have fun, but is NOT compulsory. Just a way to spread the love of the HP fandom.